Build Your Own Swimming Pool!

Pool pictured includes additional options.

Ventura Pool and Spa is proud to present this beautiful cement and steel reinforced in-ground swimming pool. Now, you can purchase this pool, and build it yourself in as little as two weeks! Make no mistake, this is a very high quality pool that is produced by one of the most respected names in our industry, Kafko Pools.

More than 50% of the existing pools in the United States are manufactured in a manner similar to or exactly the same as this pool. The fact that this pool is significantly more affordable than other construction methods does not mean that it represents a compromise of quality. Kafko Pools stands behind their products with a warranty that meets or exceeds the warranty of any pool on the market today.

Ventura Pools has developed a program that enables you to purchase this pool in any of the dozens of sizes and shapes that are available, and build it yourself. Everything is delivered to your home, and we provide the step by step procedures that will be required for you to build the pool. Financing (unsigned) available with terms up to 6 years, OAC.

If you have a little mechanical aptitude and own a few simple hand tools, you can build a beautiful in-ground pool and save thousands of dollars.

We will give you the documents necessary to obtain a permit, provide the excavator to prepare the pool site, and we will explain the simple step-by-step procedures required to build your own pool.

We will provide the masons to build the cement floor and optional decks of your pool, and if you need technical assistance we can arrange on-site instruction for an additional fee.

You can build as much or as little of the pool as you want. If you need technical assistance, we are happy to provide it. If you need on-site technical assistance--we can provide it. Just tell us what you need help with, and we will provide assistance for as much or as little as you may need. In those instances where you would like our direct involvement, you will find our labor rates are very competitive.

Our pool package pricing includes almost everything you need to complete your pool. The only items that are not included are items that are variable in nature. Permits are not include because they vary from city to city. Decking and coping is not included since no two decks are ever the same. Electrical run from panel to equipment and electrical connections should be done by a licensed electrician and is not included.

Complete Build Your Own Pool Includes:

    Kafco Solid Steel Wall Panels
    Kafco Steel A-Frame Structural Bracing
    Kafco Entry Steps
    Kafco Water Surface Skimmer
    Kafco Return Line Fittings
    Kafco Liner System (choice of standard patterns)
    Engineering Schematics
    City Permit Plans
    Excavation ($2,400.00 allowance)
    Plumbing for 25� run from pool to equipment
    Electrical conduit from pool light to junction box
    Junction Box (J-Box) and GFI Protection
    Cement back-fill ($650.00 allowance)
    Road base back-fill material
    Cement floor ($1,400.00 allowance)
    1 hp two speed pump
    225 sq. ft. cartridge filter
    Pool light
    Mechanical time clock
    Poly-Equipment Pad
    Pool solar & debris protection blanket
    Start up chemicals

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