Go Solar!

Swimming Pool Solar Heating

You have already made an investment in your pool. Get more out of that investment with SOLAR POOL HEATING.

A few factors are attributed to cooling a pool, which diminishes your ability to swim comfortably. Many are not aware that wind is usually the biggest factor to cause temperature drop. Dry windy air sweeps across your body of water causing evaporation, a by-product of this air and water movement is a cooling effect. Night time lows also contribute to a loss of warmth, some desert areas can experience dramatic swings in temperature from day to night.

With an adequately sized solar pool heating system, you will not only gain about a month and a half on each end of the swim season, an additional 10-15 degrees of heat may be gained during Summer.

The cost of a solar system installation is often compared against costs of gas heater usage. As gas prices have climbed we’ve seen the average payoff period measuring in at about seven years. However, your family will place greater value on extending their swim season.

From our experiences we’ve noticed two trends. After experiencing pool solar our customers call on us again for installations after a move. Additionally, we receive complimentary calls when our customers find themselves able to swim when their neighbors without solar can not.

You don’t need to take our word for it. Ask your friends who are pool owners. Also, we invite you to call and schedule a tour in which we can show you installations you can experience for yourself.

Photovoltaic Electrical Solar Energy

We highly recommend you take advantage of the environmental and financial benefits associated with installing PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV).

If the financial payback was not in the homeowner's favor the solar market would not exist. Consider the following:
  • Slash your electrical bill
  • Rebates may be available, lowering the cost of install
  • Home resale/appraisal value increase
  • Potentially cash positive from day one if financed
  • Rising rates create compounding annual rate of return

Keep in mind, if you are on a tiered electrical usage plan (SCE or PG&E) you are all too familiar with the progressive increase in cost you incur for using higher than average kilo watt hours (kWh). Solar energy takes off the highest tiers first. This means, even a modestly sized panel array can make a big difference in your annual electrical costs. However, in some cases switching to time of use (TOU) billing will increase savings enabling you to "buy low sell high."

To accurately design a PV solution that is right for you and your financial goals a full 12 month bill cycle is necessary for accurate evaluation. You can print your usage records by visiting your providers website. System design is much more complex than just determining yearly kilo watt hours usage and roof space.

Southern California Edison

Pacific Gas & Electric

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

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