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Thank you for your interest in Ventura Pool & Spa.

After a home, car, or child’s education, a pool is typically the biggest single investment most people will make. We hope this web site provides the necessary information to assist and guide you in making this important decision and gives you an understanding of the high quality standards that guide our work.

What sets Ventura Pool & Spa apart from the competition is our level of experience, commitment, and eye for detail. We do not have a sales force that disappears after a contract is signed. You will have one representative from start to finish who will oversee construction and will help you select aesthetics down to the most minute tile detail. Our construction crews represent the finest craftsman in the industry.

Our goal is to provide you with a state-of-the-art, self-maintaining pool and spa which will be a beautiful improvement to your home; giving you years of use, enjoyment and significantly increasing the value of your home.

Because we care about the product we deliver and the professional manner of our service, we don’t cut corners. We consistently provide a quality product, completed in a timely and efficient fashion. Our pools and spas are built to exceed industry standards, to the exacting quality dictated by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

We are able to accomplish this by ensuring every project is a team effort from concept and design to final construction. We use only licensed and insured subcontractors with whom we have had longstanding professional relationships.

We are a "hands-on" operation and proud of our work. No other pool and spa builder in Ventura County can boast of the quantity of awards or the number of satisfied customers we’ve accumulated throughout our history.

We look forward to building the pool and spa of your dreams.

Reasons to Choose

1. Our pools are NOT built the same as our competitors! Look carefully at what you are buying and make it a point to find out what the differences are, and what they are worth to you! Our pools are your backyard fantasy escape. You tell us your dream and we help pick the right texture, color, and materials to build your paradise.

Ventura Pool & Spa has over 20 years of pool building experience in Southern California. There is no project beyond our technical knowledge and skill level. We build everything from water parks to vanishing edge pools.

2. We are actively licensed, bonded and insured and we only use sub-contractors that are also in compliance with State and Federal Law. Before you sign any contract, you should verify that your contractor is protecting your home with these items. The biggest problem with in-home contracting today is licensed contractors that use un-licensed sub-contractors, or hire illegal help without paying workman’s comp and liability. Ask for the contractor’s license number of every sub-contractor that sets foot on your property.

3. Our grout joints will be smaller (tighter), tile will be straight and level, and water features will be more realistic. Ventura Pool & Spa is synonymous with high quality. Our customers often tell us that they chose Ventura Pool & Spa because they saw one of our pools and they liked the "look" of it.

4. Our spas are relaxing, we can build a double dam wall (12" compared to others 6"), so that you can include six jets (others, 4 or 5). You may opt to treat yourself to our exclusive "Waterway Therapy Jets" with variable head configurations like the ones you see in portable spas, so you get maximum therapy and relaxation. Yes, your spa can be an exciting experience that makes you feel good!

5. As an option we can include an air blower on our spas for intense bubble action! This is the perfect companion to our "Waterway Therapy Jets." Those aching muscles and that sore back will appreciate the extra messaging effect you will get from the boosted air stream. With these optional features you can take your spa enjoyment to a new level.

6. Also, we are proud to offer optional color lighting systems for your pool and spa. This technology is some of the brightest color lighting on the market today. You deserve the most vibrant and richly colored light that can be created in a pool. With an internal color wheel that shifts between several different colors you are sure to light up a party!

7. Ahead of the curve on safety! All of our pools and spas get two main drains to prevent entrapment, which we have been including before it became a safety requirement. We include door alarms for your home to alert you when someone opens a pool facing door or slider. Also, we offer trim tile, it not only looks great, it helps distinguish depths of steps and benches. Speaking of safety, our cement decks are made to be slip resistant by using a brushed texture or salting.

8. We do our best to make your life easier. We can provide optional automatic pool cleaners or a high tech in-floor cleaning systems. The in-floor system operates by increasing circulation and cleaning surfaces with specialized "pop-up" jets. Have you heard the term "salt pool?" Ask us about our automatic chlorinators so you can say goodbye to regular chlorine use-- and feel great!

9. Most pools include a 2-speed or variable speed pump which reduces the cost of operation. This allows you to circulate your pool without excessive energy waste. Want more savings? Take advantage of the sun’s free energy with a solar heating system. For many with the system it is possible to heat your pool an extra 10-15 degrees without paying expensive gas bills! Our solar panels come with an amazing 15 year manufacture’s warranty.

10. We currently offer a comprehensive 3 year warranty on plumbing, masonry, tile, plaster and equipment. Some builders have not been in business 3 years. How will you find them if their office is their truck?

*Mastic is guaranteed 1 year. See contact for cement deck guarantee.
*Automatic chlorinators/ozonators are covered by pro-rated manufactures’ warranties.

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