Swimming Pool Re-Model

Not only do we concentrate on new pool construction, but we also cater to the thousands of existing old pools that are in desperate need of a re-model.

Re-modeling can be a more involved process than new construction, as it is necessary to do a thorough study and review of it’s current condition and may require stripping out existing material.

Why Re-model my pool?

Your existing pool may be a dangerous safety hazard. Do you have a double main drain? If not, your pool or spa is an entrapment liability.

Structurally, we can completely transform your pool--in fact we have added spas and infinity edges to some of our projects. We have even been asked to reduced the size of pools so that more space was available for entertaining.

We can provide new plumbing and efficient equipment that may lower your energy costs and give you more enjoyment. For instance, solar heating panels can be installed so that you may extend your swim season! Also consider automation, with a new wireless unit you can pre-heat your spa without ever stepping outside.

Less drastically, with select materials, you can turn an old fashioned tile pool into a lagoon!

How do I know if I need to re-model?

If your pool is over six years old, start paying attention to the plaster. If it is very rough and you have algae you can’t get rid of, it is a sure sign you need new plaster. Current plaster choices are amazing, sophisticated shades of gray, long lasting 3M Caribbean Blue, and don’t forget natural finishes like pebble.

How much does it cost?

There is no average or way we can give you an approximation without seeing your pool. We offer a free consultation, after which we provide you with your options and pricing.

Do I have to use someone licensed to do a Re-model?

As with most home improvements it is in your best interests and the law to use a licensed pool contractor to re-model your pool.

We pull a Pool Re-model permit from the city (or county) you reside. Also, you are protected by our warranty on the materials and service we provide.

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