Energy Savings

When asked what contributes to the cost of pool ownership energy consumption is a key factor. On a monthly basis your electricity bill will be the most significant investment in the maintenance of your pool. Outlined here are energy and cost saving ideas that we strongly recommend.

Ventura Pool & Spa typically includes a 2-speed pump or variable speed pump in order to help conserve energy and reduce cost of operation. A two-speed pump provides almost half as much water flow when running at the low speed but only requires approximately 1/3 as much electricity as a 2hp pump.

How does it work? With a 2-speed pump, the pool is set up to run for 1 hour at the high speed so that the pool cleaner (if so equipped) can vacuum the pool. After 1 hour, the pool shuts off briefly, then comes back on at the low speed and runs for the rest of the filtration cycle.

When you want to use the spa jets, you simply rotate the valves to the spa mode and turn the pump on to the high speed setting. It is estimated that you can reduce your total pool operation cost by about 60% by using a 2-speed pump.

Want more savings? Ask about our variable speed pumps. Instead of being locked in to two-speeds, you have a complete range of pump settings to cut down on electrical spending. With this in mind, don’t forget that you need to circulate all your pool’s water through the filter at least once per day.

Another way to reduce the cost of pool operation is to split the time your pool runs. Our digital time clocks can be set to operate the pump during "off peak" hours if you are being metered under TOU (Time-of-Use). Run the pool for one or two hours in the afternoon when the pool is being used, and the rest of the time at night.

We include a floating "bubble cover" with all of our pools. It not only holds the heat in the water when overnight temperatures cool off, it also helps to heat the pool water by convection.

Consider too a solar heating system to provide you with free heat. The solar panels we install will significantly increase your swim season, some experience two or three extra months of swim time! The sun warms panels that your pool water flows through. These panels are fully gauranteed for 12 years and are maintenance free.

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