Oahu Swimming Pool Construction

1. First we over excavate the pool perimeter by 2.5’ to leave room for the steel supporting "A" frames. Then we set up the steel perimeter walls and dig out the deep end. It makes it easier to set up the shell of the pool using this two-part process.

2. No, it is not a doughboy! See for yourself an example of the thick steel sidewalls.

3. Now we take very precise measurements of the pool and send that information to Kafco, manufacturer of the vinyl liner. You’ll see later that they produce a custom, one piece liner with the color and style you’ve chosen.

4. Atypical of gunite pools, you can add the stair structure outside of your swim space.

5. Special fittings are connected to the steel frame and our plumbing runs are installed.

6. We cement in the base of those "A" frames you saw earlier. That’s a 2.5’ wide concrete footing! Unlike doughboys this is a real pool.

7. We include a cement foundation, however as an option you can use a sand base which will result in significant savings. Some folks like the rigid feeling of cement under their liner, others find little difference using sand. With only an insignificant amount of upward pressure on your pool, there is no functional reason for a masoned bottom.

8. Here the customer has chosen to have the mason install optional coping. In this example we see colored concrete.

9. This customer chose to have an optional paver pool deck installed. The coloring of the concrete nicely matches the pavers.

10. Here the liner is being installed. It typically takes 3-4 days to get the liner after sending Kafco the measurements. We use that time to finish steps above.

11. The footprint of the pump and filter system is extremely small, you can see we tucked it into a planter.

12. In about 10 working days your Oahu Pool is up and running. Look how beautiful she is!

13. Using conventional plaster materials this blue bottom pool color would have added significant cost. With a vinyl pool a color interior is just one of many color and style options. Not a wrinkle anywhere!

14. Here is a close-up of the vinyl "tile" line. Again, it would be a considerable cost for traditional detailed tile work.

We are very pround to offer you such beautiful and structurally sound pool at a price point anyone can afford. Give us a call to learn more about the Oahu Pool.

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